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Chitra Shankar, the Founder Artistic Director of Chitrakala Arts is the Principal Teacher and Faculty. In keeping with the fast expansion of the student community, as well as a need to provide small and intimate classroom environment for learning, Chitra has empanelled her Senior Students to join her as Faculty members, teaching their own independent classes, oversighting them for pedagogy, technique, class management and student growth and development. Therefore, besides Chitra herself, here are the key teaching faculty who are actively teaching at different centers and levels.

Umamaheshwari Srinivassane (Uma) started her dance journey in her childhood, but commenced her formal study and practice of Bharatanatyam only from the age of 21.

Subsequently, after starts and stops primarily connected with marriage and motherhood, she found her passion again to learn, practice and perform Bharatanatyam with the aim of completing her Arangetram. In June 2012, after many years of practice and perseverance, she performed her Arangetram under her Guru Ms. Chitra Shankar.

As part of her learning during her preparation for her Arangetram and other performances, she started to teach young children to practice her steps, the rhythm, taalam, and the posture. With that experience, she realized that her own performance significantly improved through the learning through teaching model. Since then, she has been consistently teaching young children. She brings a tremendous amount of patience, love, commitment and skill to teaching children and youngsters.

Her innate ability to relate, understand and mould children comes to the fore in each of trainings. She is forever looking to add value to the Indian Dance culture and environment in Singapore.

Kayalvizhi Mathivanan (Kayal), a graduate in psychology and counselling from the Singapore Institute of Management, has been learning Bharatanatyam from the age of 5, and considers it one of her greatest passions. After completing her Arangetram under Ms. Chitra Shankar, she continues her journey in Dance through actively learning, teaching and performing with Chitrakala Arts. She has been performing actively across Singapore and the ASEAN region, since 2013. As part of her learning process, she is also actively involved in facilitating event organization, mentoring the younger students, as well as taking classes to help the students learn the basic techniques and movements of Bharatanatyam.

Kayal has been performing actively on various community, local and regional stages- independently as well as in group choreographies. Her sensitive portrayal of the various characters, in abhinaya and clean postures and an excellent sense of taalam have helped her achieve success and recognition for quality performances. Among her notable recent performances are a special dance for Vasantham, the Indian channel on MediaCorp, at cultural events around Deepavali, Navaratri and Krishnashtami celebrations.

As an active student of Dance, she is able to identify with the needs and particular requirements of each student and provides them with a helping hand to learn some of the more difficult steps and dances associated.

Kayal looks forward to igniting the same passion for budding artists, and to develop Singapore as a hub for Indian culture and arts.