Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Registration: Please ensure that all details on the registration page are complete and correct so that we are able to maintain the right set of records.
  2. Attendance: The school will do 4 classes per month of 60 minutes duration each as part of the curriculum. However, based on need related to upcoming programs, there may be additional classes or longer sessions. These will be on need basis and will be communicated to the students/ parents earlier.
  3. Dress code: Mandatory dress code is leggings (tights) with a Kameez or a kurta top, a cotton dupatta, with bangles, and a prominent bindi. Hair must be tied neatly and pushed back.
  4. Monthly Fees: Monthly Fee Payment can be made by cash or cheque (made out to CHITRA SHANKAR), or via Interbank Giro transfer to POSB account (POSB Savings- 110-22142-8). However, if you are transferring fee via Interbank transfer, please ensure that you let us know by SMS/ or otherwise, so that we are able to process a receipt/ as well as maintain clean records for our mutual benefit.
  5. Monthly Fee payment: All fees are payable monthly on the 4th class of the month.
  6. Timings: It is important to be in class on-time. Please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes before scheduled class time to ensure that you get sufficient time to change and for warm-ups. Warm ups are mandatory for class.
  7. Cell phones, Cameras and other Electronic devices: No cameras, cell phones or electronic devices can be used in class, without the express permission of the teacher. No recording devices are allowed to be used in class, unless recommended by the teacher.
  8. Replacement classes: For any cancellations by the teacher, replacement classes will be worked out by mutual consultation. However, for any student that is unable to come for a regular group class, there will be no replacement classes. If classes are cancelled due to National Holidays or other specific events beyond our control, there will be no replacement classes.
  9. Discipline: It is expected that the highest standards of discipline will be maintained in the class and in the environment where classes/ performances are being hosted. Do understand that the credibility of the institution is directly related to the way the students present themselves as ambassadors. We do request that you maintain diligence in this respect.