Chitrakala Arts

Chitrakala Arts runs regular programs for all age groups, and all experience levels in Bharatanatyam and Odissi. Chitrakala Arts welcomes students across religious, racial and economic backgrounds- with a love for Indian Classical Dance to be a part of the community. The experience is both exciting and empowering.

The Academy runs its classes out of a studio. The teaching methodology is holistic- covering the value systems, disciplinary, theoretical, practical and interpretational elements of the steps, the gestures, the phrases and the dance.

Students at Chitrakala Arts mostly learn in groups. Younger students are encouraged to learn in small groups. Each group comprises of between 2-6 students- within a couple of years age of each other- so they can relate, bond and build friendships as they go through the learning process together.

The school aims to create a community of students who have an understanding, appreciation and skill to perform Bharatanatyam and/ or Odissi- with the discipline and respect- due to the core values, beliefs and practices that the founding fathers of these forms set out with. To complement their learning, students are also taught basic yoga and encouraged to learn Indian classical music.

Currently, the academy has over 100 active students in the community, attending classes once a week.

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